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Aug 28, 2014 3:49 am est
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RiskLive Virtual Conference a success

The first ever RiskLive virtual conference took place November 12th and 13th. Over 500 unique visitors logged into the RIMS virtual world during the two day event. At it's peak the world held 230 simultaneous users. To get a glimpse of what the event was like press play on the video to the left.

New Members

If you have already registered for RiskLive through the RIMS site you can create an account with virtualu and download the virtualu application by clicking on Create Account on the left hand side.

Since this is a business application, we recommend using your real name (Mary, John, Sandra L., Dr. Smith, Paul Jones, etc.) for your Avatar name.

Returning Members

If you are a returning member you can log into the website with your Avatar Name and Password on the right.

If you have entered the virtual world before and are simply trying to log into the world again you should have a virtualu shortcut on your desktop. If you do not have this icon look for the virtualu folder in your start menu and launch the application from there.

Download Browser

If you need to re-download the application please log in on the right hand side. Once you are logged in select Download Browser from the navigation menu on the right.

Technical Support

If you encounter any problems installing or running the Virtualu application please email tech support at

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